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Kuwait Insurance Company, is the largest and oldest in KUWAIT established in 1960 as the first National Company. It is a name synonymous for services par excellence to the state, its citizens and residents, and offering all kinds of insurance services efficiently and competitively. It is a story of continuous growth and success and is a source of pride to Kuwait and the Gulf,

Kuwait Insurance Company has been the leader for the vital oil and energy insurances of the Kuwait oil Sector and continues to play this role to the envy of all. The Company's contribution to the economy and welfare of Kuwait is colossal with its dominant role in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Kuwait after liberation being unique and challenging.

Its accomoplished professionalism and rich experience are widely recognized with its unblemished reputation well known in kuwait. Kuwait Insurance Company serves the country, and its economy by serving you according to your needs with full satisfaction.

Moody's Upgrades Kuwait Insurance Company to A3 IFS Rating from Baa1. Stable outlook

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Head Office
Abdulla Al Salem Street
P.O.Box 769 Safat, 13008 Safat - Kuwait
Telephone : 1884433, 22420135, 22420021-28
Fax : 22428530 & 22461855
E-mail :
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Head Office
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  Kuwait Insurance Company
P.O.Box 769 Safat, 13008
Safat - Kuwait
Hot Line : 1884433,
Call : 22420135, 22420021-28
Fax : 22428530 & 22461855
E-mail :
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